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Dongguan kinda Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2013, Donguan Kinda Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, and sales of filtration membrane and relevant products. In line with the idea of "high starting point, high technology and high standards", we proactively introduce, digest and absorb the most advanced filtration and separation technologies at home and abroad, develop nation-leading new devices, technologies and process with multiple independent intellectual property rights and become a member of the Membrane Industry Association of China.

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Our raw materials are provided by domestic and overseas well known suppliers, which have been selected and testedrepeatedly before used. Membrane products applied to biomedicine and food & beverage are all FDA-approved and comply with safety testing requirements of the latest USP in relation to VI-121C biological reactivity of human tissues to plastics. Production process is strictly compliant with ISO9001 quality management standards and is implemented based on advanced analyzers to realize internal quality control that is stricter than that of factory delivery.


Our main products include micro-pore membrane filters, air filters, and liquid filters and they are widely applied in bio-pharmacy, chemical industry, electronics, environmental protection, energy, and scientific experiment for purification, sterilization, separation, concentration, refinement, catalytic reaction, and biological reaction to gas and liquid. Compared with conventional membrane products that are for purification, separation, and reaction processes, these products are characterized by simplicity, efficiency, reliability, low cost, environmental friendliness, creativity, and efficient use of energy, showing competitive edges.

Over the past ten years, Kinda people have always been cautious and conscientious, pragmatic, and elaborate with management of Kinda. Thanks to our persistence, we not only win word-of-mouth praise among old customers but also get continuous recognition from new customers. Our business is stable and progressive, getting flourishing day by day. At present, we have branches established throughout China, including Xiamen, Kunshan, Chengdu, and Hong Kong, servicing customers all over the world. Based on our servicing ideas and years of experiences, and with our competitive price performance ratio and improved after-sales service, we are sure to be your excellent partner!